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The WADA Code is the core document that provides the framework for harmonized anti-doping policies in international sports. The IWF is a signatory to the Code, and fully compliant with its regulations to ensure all athletes rights and obligations under the Code and the IWF Anti-Doping Policy.

In accordance with rules and regulations of WADA and the IWF Anti-Doping Policy all National Federation must provide the whereabouts information for each National Team athlete individually including day-by-day data.

The Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS) was developed to coordinate anti-doping activities of the stakeholders and to help them with their implementation of the Code, and to enable easier whereabouts submission.

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ADAMS is an internet-based database management tool available in 11 languages.

It is a centralized system that allows data entry and storage, as well as data-sharing and reporting to take place in a highly secure environment that restricts access to all but relevant parties.

It is designed exclusively to assist stakeholders in their anti-doping operations with full compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

All data in ADAMS is highly protected thanks to a security system that complies with the highest protection standards.

Athletes to use ADAMS

Every National Team athlete is obliged to fulfill the WADA Code and the IWF Anti-Doping Policy’s whereabouts requirements. The IWF International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) is annually updated and based on annual rankings and results.

Guidelines for ADAMS

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